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Roy Myers formed Elder Care Financial Resources with the concept of providing clients with assistance in Retirement and Estate Planning, from a network of legal and financial professions that have achieved proficiency in asset protection for family assets and risk reduction for retirement income.

His 41 years of experience in the industry has enabled him to identify the products and services affluent clients have used with retirement and estate planning to protect their assets and reduce risk on retirement income. He has the ability to negotiate discounts from professionals to provide these service that would not normally be available to ordinary clients.

He formed Legacy Tax Analysts LLC as a tax office to provide client access to national network of CPA, Accounts, Tax attorney’s, IRS Enrolled Agents and Actuaries to provide tax research and implement tax reduction or tax elimination plans based upon current tax code.


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Information shared on this web page is for general information purposes only. It does not constitute legal, tax, investment, or other advice, nor is it intended to recommend any particular investments products, legal documents or financial instruments. Always seek advice from your financial advisor, attorney, or accountant with regard to investments, legal, or tax questions.


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