Roy Myers

Roy Myers

Originally from Lebanon KY, Roy and his wife have resided in Bardstown Ky for 41 years.
During that time, he has been involved in Insurance and financial services and developed clients in 21 States, with a national agency specializing in physicians, corporate executives, Harvard Law attorneys, chiropractors, dentists, and family member of the nationally recognized Disney family.
He was involved in executive management for five years in the structuring and development of stock capitalization of three separate financial holding companies, insurance companies, and venture capital companies in the states of Kentucky and Missouri.
In 2003, he was featured in National Dental magazine acknowledged as the national advisor to “Savvy Dentist”. In Kentucky he has developed group medical plans and employee benefits plans for hospitals, county governments, city governments and small businesses.

In the last fifteen years, he has assisted veterans and their widows with qualification for a reimbursement of VA pensions with $7 million in VA pension awards granted in Kentucky with an 80% approval rate.

Carey Myers

Carey’s college education and background in accounting and PC support has provided an integral part with the development and organization of Elder Care Financial Resources.
As president of Elder Care Financial Resources, her diverse experience and background in the legal profession has proven to be an asset with assisting attorneys on estate planning with clients. In Nelson County, she assisted as the Commonwealth Attorney as a trial paralegal and victims advocate in addition to assisting as paralegal with a prominent law firm specializing in tort law.
For seven years Carey has actively served on the board of directors for Legacy Tax Analyst. She is adept at assisting customers on the potential loss of assets and benefits due to increased taxation and the loss of inheritance from Medicaid seizure of assets. Her experience with managing Medicare benefits for insurance agencies has enabled her to navigate through the red tape of medical claims to expedite insurance payment to clients.

Carolyn Myers


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